KMS Thermal

Upgradation, Modification and Revamping


KMS has original manufacturing drawings, engineering calculations and material specifications for executed projects. KMS can service clients’ furnaces and ancillary plant throughout their long working lives.

Our multi-skilled site personnel provide an essential service for many of our customers. Backed by an in-house technical support team, we provide a fully integrated furnace maintenance support package including emergency call-outs and commissioning. All work undertaken is competitively priced and fully compliant with current safety regulations. The menu of services available to customers includes:

We also provided solutions for Furnaces Supplied by other furnace manufacturers to obtain desired performance of the system as per duty point. We are Capable provide cost effective solutions for modifications, upgradation of system capacity or by utilizing the maximum present structure to refurbish the system equivalent to new System. We also offer the Furnace Combustion system modification from oil to gas vise versa based on the present days requirement of Our Client


As equipment ages and its original technology falls behind the latest developments, upgrades to incorporate up-to-date technology can be cost-effective and beneficial, offering improvements in performance, energy efficiency, plant flexibility, process changes and safety.

KMS has the expertise to undertake technological upgrades of existing industrial furnace equipment, whether produced by KMS or by other manufacturers.

Furnace upgrading exercises are often energy-related, taking advantage of the high efficiency and fuel savings that can be demonstrated by modern equipment. KMS regularly works with customers in calculating payback periods, balancing reduced operating cost and extended life of components against the cost of upgrading.

Enhancements to existing equipment, leading to greater safety and improved efficiency and reliability, can include:

Another field where upgrading is often beneficial, providing reduced operating costs, greater productivity and improved safety, is that of automation and process and data logging. This technology is continually developing to cover new areas and offer new advantages to manufacturers, so that even systems which are already to a greater or lesser extent automated can often benefit from upgrading to the latest standards. KMS has the expertise required to offer a complete automation design service, covering the application of industrial computers, distribution control systems and conventional instrumentation