KMS Thermal


In industrial ergonomics a manipulator is a lift-assist device used to help workers lift, maneuver and place articles in process that are too heavy, too hot, too large. This manipulator can be designed with a number of degrees of freedom subjected to requirement of the process.
KMS has been recognized as an expert in the formulation, design, implementation and commissioning of various types of custom made requirement based manipulator (also named as loader / unloader /charging machine), which is used to manipulate materials without direct physical contact by the operator for charging in to furnace or discharging from the furnace and quenching of the material automatically. Our manipulators are having mainly two type of driving system

  1. Electromechanically operated
  2. Hydraulic Operated

KMS unique tailor made designs earn the esteem reputation for designing Rotary charging machine to meet the customer requirement for various capacities and speeds